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my new sangha

June 21, 2008

I have been searching for a good place to practice in the Portland, OR area, and I have started attending meditation sessions at a Taiwanese Mahayana temple called Miao Fa Chan Temple.

The person in charge is Ven. Fa Thai, who, apparently, studied meditation for eighteen years in Thailand (at Tiger Caves Monastery) before coming to this temple. While this is predominately a temple in the Taiwanese Mahayana tradition, the head monk teaches vipassana techniques based upon the four foundations of mindfulness (which, luckily, I am already acquainted with), and he seems to be a very good-natured and friendly individual. In fact, he reminds me a great deal of two of my past teachers, Ajahn Chuen and Ajahn Prasert.

I really enjoyed my last two visits, and I plan on attending their evening meditation sessions as often as I can; the temple itself is convieniently located on my way home from work. I am not only excited about having a place to practice meditation with a skilled teacher seeing as how my motivation to practice has seriously declined since moving away from my spiritual community in California, Wat Buddhanusorn and Dhammadharini Vihara, but about having the chance to be exposed to other Buddhist traditions as well.


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