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November 25, 2008

Sunday morning I found myself driving through Aberdeen, Washington, listening to Nevermind. As we passed by the sign reading “Welcome to Aberdeen, Come as you are,” I started track number three. Being reminded of my own childhood, especially the time during the album itself was released and I was starting high school, I felt a sense of nostalgia.

The atmosphere was strange and it had me thinking about a lot of things, things like the relationship between our choices and our identity, friendships, the forks in the road of life where we often go astray, the meaning of life, et cetera. One thought in particular had to do with the idea that, as travellers in life, we are by nature of being “individuals” isolated from one another; yet in as much as we are able to accompany one another through our solitary journeys, we can share little pieces of ourselves with each other via bonds that cannot easily be put into words.

Another thought had to do with whether there was something underlying phenomena, something that threads events together in an unseen way. Perhaps life is nothing but a random series of happenstances; and yet, perhaps not. It’s times like these that make drinking some decent red wine and listening to some Counting Crows (and maybe even Concrete Blonde) seem like a good idea.


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