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¡si se puede!

May 2, 2009

Yesterday, I attended the May Day rally and march in downtown Portland. I ended up talking to some cool people and marching for a great cause. It felt good being a part of something that’s trying to raise awareness about important issues that affect us all, especially when it comes to immigration.

Perhaps I’m a bit idealistic, but I don’t see ‘illegal’ immigrants as criminals, I see them as human beings. Their situation is so desperate that they are willing to leave their friends, their families and their homes to live like fugitives in a country that exploits them for their cheap labour. Hell, I think some of them deserve to be here more than I do given the fact that they’re willing to risk such hardships, even death, to live in this country while I simply have the luxury of being born here and often take that for granted.

I’m not sure exactly what immigration policies will best serve all the parties involved, but I’m positive that our current policies need to be reformed. I want to see an end to ICE raids and deportations, for example, especially when they deport U.S. citizens (such as the children born in the U.S. to parents who are here illegally or are here legally but denied residency) and tear families apart. Not only that, but I’m concerned about the fact that at least “83 people have died in, or soon after, [ICE] custody” since 2003 (Washington Post).

I’m also concerned about local 287(g) agreements around the country because of the potential for racial profiling and intimidation by law enforcement officials (e.g., Arpaio to be investigated over alleged violations), and would like to see an end to them as well.

I’m not sure what all the solutions are, but I’m sure that if we work together we can find them. ¡Si se puede!


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