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$100 million campaign promotes capitalism

October 17, 2009

From the Washington Times:

$100 million campaign promotes capitalism

That’s the spirit, Chamber of Commerce! When the going gets tough, advertise!

“We know we’ve helped to cause a world-wide economic crisis and massive unemployment, not to mention help kill your 401(k) plans and pension funds, but we’ve still got a lot going for us.”

Personally, I think we need to move far, far away from unregulated laissez-faire capitalism. As one person so aptly put it:

Libertarianism is a strange religion. The belief that if everyone just did what was in their own best interest, the world would be all happy and care-free. It never works out in reality. It’s like cells of the body. If they work only in their own best interest, they grow and multiply until they damage or kill the host. We call that cancer.

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