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efm really is "unbelievable"

March 9, 2011

If you think what Governor Walker is doing in Wisconsin is bad, check out the shit Governor Snyder is trying to pull in Michigan with his backing of emergency financial manager legislation.

If passed, the governor would have the ability to declare a financial emergency in any town, village, city or township, and put that municipality under the authority of an emergency financial manager. This appointed EFM would not only have the power to unilaterally modify or even cancel existing union contracts and collective bargaining agreements, stripping away public sector union rights, but the ability to dismiss elected officials and even disincorporate or dissolve municipal governments.

As if that wasn’t enough, the EFM would also be able to privatize all public services, merge school districts together and increase existing class sizes, and shift a community’s debt burden onto local taxpayers seemingly at will. And the best part is, to qualify as an EFM, all you apparently need is to undergo two days of training and pay a fee.

That’s right, an unelected official with as little as two days of training could have the ability to “overrule elected officials and dissolve units of government and school districts” (The Detroit News).


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  1. And if THAT wasn't enough, Gov. Snyder is also planning to balance Michigan's budget by slashing taxes on businesses while raising them on the elderly and the poor:

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