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rip, bobby and sandy

September 12, 2011

I’ve lost two friends in two days, both in the same family. It doesn’t even seem real. I can’t imagine how their family is dealing with it all, because I sure as hell know I’m having trouble with it. Sandy, our neighbor and my mom’s best friend, died from cancer on Friday; and now her second oldest son, Bobby, who also lived across the street, is dead. Possibly from an accidental overdose. Or maybe an intentional one. Maybe even from a heart attack or choking… nobody really knows yet. Sandy’s viewing is scheduled for today, and her funeral for tomorrow; but the saddest part is that most of the family probably doesn’t know about Bobby yet. Everyone who doesn’t will find out tomorrow at the viewing. What a fucking nightmare that has to be for everyone, especially his younger brother, Anthony. He’s the one who’ll probably have to tell everyone who doesn’t already know on top of taking care of his mother’s wake. I feel a little guilty because I didn’t go over to see Bobby right away after his mom died, and I didn’t visit her more than once since being back in Michigan, either. I was always waiting for ‘the right time.’ I was always ‘too busy’ doing other things. But I could have made time; I just didn’t. I know that none of this is ‘my fault,’ but that knowledge doesn’t really make me feel any better. It’s just a shitty situation all around, and I feel bad for the people who are affected the most, including my mom and dad. I wish there was something I could do to make things suck less, to take away some of their pain. Unfortunately, there’s not really much I can do besides write about it and hope for the best.


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