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no bridge for you! (unless it’s my bridge)

September 22, 2011

Only in an economic/political system where money equals speech, and where private over public ownership is idealized (particularly by conservatives), can one man essentially prevent a bridge from being built:

The Bridge: Beyond Any Doubt

Report exposes bridge owner’s lies

The Supreme Court of the United States has not only decided that money equals speech (Buckley v. Valeo), but has essentially neutered campaign finance reform as well (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission); and campaign contributions by Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel Moroun appear to be one of the reasons (besides ideology, of course) why the Republican-led legislature hasn’t approved this project yet—proving once again that us ‘little guys’ (i.e., average working-class citizens) are effectively screwed and politically powerless unless we start getting our shit together and become better organized.


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