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merry christmas, comrades

December 25, 2011

You know, if you think about, the modern-day version of Santa Claus is not unlike a Gilded Age industrialist, a philanthropic, fantasyland robber baron. He’s essentially an imaginary, white, ‘chubby and plump’ old man who ’employs’ an entire race of other imaginary beings in some frozen, unregulated tundra sweatshop to make the gifts he then gives and gets all the credit/cookies and milk for. Maybe some class-conscious kid should slip a copy of the Communist Manifesto in with their letter next year, because I bet Santa doesn’t bother to read them all himself.

Let Santa Claus tremble at a Communistic revolution. Santa’s helpers have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Elves of the world, unite!


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