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i am

May 12, 2012

I am, therefore I write.
A different combination of things you’ve probably already read before, perhaps;
but my existence transcends mediocrity all the same.
You read, and I am manifest;
words, dancing from my fingertips and pirouetting onto the screen,
giving my amorphous soul shape and form.
Words, floating through cyberspace,
drifting towards an unknown destination,
a time capsule of thoughts and emotions to be discovered by you.
Words, screaming ‘HERE I AM!’
Subject and object merging together as one;
for at least a fleeting moment, eternity unfolds between the two us.
Words, consumed by your eyes.
Hopefully enjoyed, maybe despised;
but here I am, naked and bare, unashamed of my humanity,
my insatiable desire to be acknowledged.
It doesn’t really matter what I say,
as long as I say it well enough to capture your gaze,
the gaze which validates my being,
and breathes life into my clumsily assembled vicariousness.
I write because I don’t want to be alone,
even if my ephemeral companion is unknown and thousands of miles away.
Even in my solitude, I am a social creature it seems.
I write, therefore I am.


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