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July 28, 2012

In reading about the recent events in Anaheim, CA, and reflecting on the events during the height of the Occupy protests, it struck me that, due to liberalism’s preoccupation with, and deference to, private property rights, we live in a society where we’re actively encouraged by both the media and the ruling class to be absolutely appalled by the breaking of storefronts windows or the burning of a dumpster in the midst of public protest, whilst simultaneously expected to react approvingly of police shooting protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas in an effort to ‘maintain order’—where vandalism in the heat of public protest, even when no one’s injured, is framed as being completely unacceptable, while reactionary violence by the police that actually puts people in the hospital is lauded, or at the very least, never seriously questioned. That’s not to say that I encourage the destruction of property as a means of protest; but I do think it’s kind of insane that we, as a society, seem to care more about the damage done to inanimate objects than we do about damage done to actual, living human beings.


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