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gaza: deja vu

November 15, 2012

When it comes to the ongoing violence in Gaza, most mainstream media reports always seem to focus on Israel’s right to defend itself, yet rarely do they ever seem to consider what rights the Palestinians have, essentially ignoring the crisis Palestinians have been facing for decades, a situation so dire that former president Jimmy Carter likened it to South African apartheid.

They also seem to do their best to avoid talking about the civilian casualties on the Palestinian side and glossing over the provocative acts of the IDF, instead focusing on ‘militant’ casualties and the home-made rockets coming out of Gaza, an area that’s smaller than Portland, Oregon, with twice the population, which in reality is more like a giant prison than a state, with Israel controlling their airspace and territorial waters, as well as the Gaza-Israel border (the only other access point is the Gaza-Egypt border, which itself is protected by concrete and steel walls).

As with most things of this nature, the situation isn’t necessarily as simplistic or as one-sided as it’s often made out to be. But whatever the case, there’s little doubt that when the dust settles, the majority of casualties will be on the Palestinian side and the West will have done nothing to stop the carnage, as was the case almost four years ago with Operation Cast Lead. Sadly, instead of resolving anything, it’ll merely sow the seeds for more violence in the future.


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