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dear god, your memes are lame

December 15, 2012

As has become popular, people are posting the ‘things like this happen because we’ve kicked God out of x’ meme. One popular version is in the form of a letter:

Dear God,

Why is there so much violence in schools?

– A Concerned Student

Dear Concerned Student,

I’m not allowed in school.

– God

To be honest, the whole ‘I’m not allowed in schools anymore so kids will get shot’ meme really, really pisses me off. It’s so absurd that it’s hard for me to create a rational argument against it. For one, this kind of thing has nothing to do with religion; it has to do with the things mentally unstable and/or distraught individuals are capable of. Beyond that, however, God (if you believe in such things) isn’t limited by human policies and institutions (as if the state has the power to remove the presence of God from specific areas of civil society).

If God exists, God is everywhere and could theoretically stop anybody from doing anything by nature of being God. If God doesn’t, it’s because God chooses not to. It’s kind of a funny argument when you think about it because, if it were true, it seems like when people who ask God to be in their lives ask God not to do something, like not let them die from a painful disease or a terrible disaster, for example, God often doesn’t seem to listen; but when people tell God to stay out of schools, God apparently listens and GTFO for some reason. Why is that exactly? It doesn’t make for a very nice sounding God, in my opinion.

As for public school themselves, they’re places for kids to learn about English, history, math, science, etc., not to be indoctrinated by religion—that’s what places like church and Catholic schools are for.

I wish this fucking meme would die already.


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