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duck dynasty

December 20, 2013

Since it’s all everyone seems to be talking about, my thoughts on the Duck Dynasty thing:

1. The First Amendment protects you from the government, not from the social consequences of what you say. From a purely legal standpoint, if you do something that can potentially hurt your employer financially, they generally have the right to suspend or fire you (especially if it’s in your contract), and other people have the right to think you’re a shithead. The Duckdude hasn’t been arrested for it (like Eugene Debs was for speaking out against war during WWI), so his First Amendment rights haven’t been violated.

I don’t personally think people should be fired simply because they hold certain beliefs, even if they’re stupid ones; but if a paid employee publicly says something that may damage their employer’s brand or those of their sponsors, said employer has legal grounds for discipline or dismissal (my company has a similar policy as much as I disagree with it), and the public has a right to think you’re a shithead. Neither is a violation of the First Amendment.

2. I think things like bigotry, racism, sexism, etc. should be confronted wherever they’re found. For one, these ideas and attitudes have very real consequences for a lot of people who happen to be gay, female, transgendered, non-white, etc., and who often have to face harassment, discrimination, and worse simply because of who they are. People shouldn’t get a pass for being bigoted, racist, sexist, etc. simply because of their age, where they grew up, or anything else for that matter. (Don’t get upset, he’s old/Baptist/southern/whatever after all. Hatin’ on queers is just their thing.)

That said, I think these kinds of situations require more than just indignation and outrage; they require us to confront these realities and have a discussion about them in order to help shine a light onto their continued existence and help motivate us to actively challenge them wherever we find them hiding, especially within ourselves. We’re all conditioned on some level by our surrounding and upbringing. We all have prejudices of some sort. The Duckdude shouldn’t be persecuted for what he said, but used as another catalyst for further challenging and changing negative societal attitudes towards the LGBT community.

What is progress, really, if not our ability to transcend our conditionings and prejudices?


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