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sick-day rant

March 14, 2014

Ironically, I hate not working because it gives me too much time to think abut all the things I hate about working. I hate, for example, that I’m pressured to work for a wage to survive, trading my autonomy (and sometimes my dignity) for a portion of the value I help produce but have no rights to. I hate the control over my life that employers generally have and freely exert, from when I have to be there and when I can leave to when I can even fucking pee. I hate that I have to schedule my entire life around when I’m not working, time which is also dictated by employers. I hate how difficult it is to find a job you like with an employer who doesn’t treat you like a commodity (or like shit, since your labour-power is nothing but a commodity in the final analysis), where you’re not belittled every day by management simply because you’re on the low end of the capitalist totem pole. I hate how employers have the tendency to make you feel like an asshole when you’re not able to make it in to work, even if you rarely ever call in. I hate the alienation of work, from the alienation imposed by the social relations of production (e.g., the divide between owners/managers and workers due to unequal relations, the divide between workers due to competition for and at work, etc.) to the alienation of not owning the product of my labours and the unfulfillingness of working simply to produce surplus-value for another. I hate that I’m pressured to spend so much time doing something I often don’t enjoy for people who often don’t know or care about me, while I spend so little with the people I love and who love me. I hate the stress this causes. And most of all, I hate that so many other people feel the same way, even if they’re not fully cognizant of it, but at the same time feel trapped materially by their dependency on wages and psychologically by cultural and ideological conditioning into believing there’s no alternative. /rant


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  1. Coincidentally, I read this 2004 article by Michael Lebowitz this morning, which someone referenced on Twitter:…/01/what-keeps-capitalism-going It’s pretty much my entire rant in article form.

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