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explaining my political cynicism, where jesus and marxism meet

October 26, 2014

Talking about voting yesterday, I realized that the simplest ways of explaining my apathy towards our two-party electoral system is as follows: Liberals idealize the state as much as conservatives idealize the market, neither seeing how each is co-dependent and exploitative under capitalism. Instead of being a people-centered system, we live within a profit-centered system. And under that system, liberals think things like poverty and other social ills can be fixed by the state, while conservatives think the magic is in market, both ideas equally as wrong due to the inherent contradictions within capitalism. Voting for one of the two major parties, you’re essentially voting for different sides of the same coin. And voting for a third party is effective as a statement, but certainly nothing revolutionary. That’s not to say our votes don’t count because they can at least steer the direction of policy; but we shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that that direction isn’t severely limited by the structure of the system itself. The logic of any institution is first and foremost to preserve itself. You can’t vote away poverty et al. in capitalism anymore than you can vote away money; and the majority of the most meaningful change in society comes about through our interactions with one another at the local level, individually and as a community. Checking a box every year or two isn’t half as important as how you treat your neighbor and vice versa.


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